Speaking as a Leader

Inspiring an Audience with Your Speech. Public Speaking for Senior Managers.


Speaking as a Leader is a presentation skills course that teaches senior managers how to give a speech that will not only move and persuade listeners, but spark them into action too.

Drawing from the rules of rhetoric, storytelling and performance, the workshop equips delegates with a broad and detailed understanding of how powerful public speaking is achieved. The course helps emerging leaders to motivate staff and thereby meet their organisation's objectives.


By the end of the Speaking as a Leader workshop delegates will know how to:

  • Understand the needs of any target audience
  • Apply the three classic rhetoric principles - ethos, logos and pathos
  • Use rhetorical concepts skilfully
  • Define their key message
  • Craft a memorable sound-bite
  • Get the audience on-side
  • Apply storytelling techniques so the speech takes the audience on a journey
  • Narrate a pertinent story or anecdote
  • Deliver an inspiring call to action
  • Use their gestures, faces and voices to complement the verbal message
  • Project their voices in spaces with lively acoustics

Course Details

Course length:
Six hours
Maximum delegates:
Six people
Course fees:
£800 per course. Travel expenses are additional.
Five stars
“Entertaining, hugely relevant, confidence boosting and inspiring. The training that Emma provides has motivated and equipped academics to boost and rethink their lecturing technique.”

Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

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