Terms and Conditions

Payment is to be made within 28 days of receipt of invoice.

In the event of a course being cancelled two weeks prior to a delivery date and with no reschedule date agreed within seven days of cancellation, 50% of the delivery fee + preparation time will be charged to the client. Should an agreed rescheduled date also be cancelled, 100% of the delivery fee + preparation time will be charged.

Emma Taylor Presents owns the copyright to all training materials and handouts. 

Photo Credits

Some imagery used by Emma Taylor Presents both on this site and in other marketing materials have been aquired from third party sources. The items aquired have been used within the terms of their license. The following items are:


The above images all fall under the Creative Commons v2 License (Readable Summay | Legal License).  The images may have been cropped, converted to greyscale or had a coloured transparency placed above the image.

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