One To One Coaching

One-to-One coaching is an ideal training solution for senior managers who require a personal and confidential service.

Achieving Poise and Polish

Projecting a strong personal presence is crucial to senior managers. The contemporary leader is not only expected to be efficient, effective and creative, he’s also expected to be inspiring, significant and memorable. It’s this ‘front man’ role that many struggle with, and this is where I come in…

The one-to-one service is very much client led. He or she states how they wish to develop and we work together until this is achieved.

I commonly help clients to structure and rehearse keynote speeches, prepare for interview, write and direct filmed presentations, and develop a more authoritative vocal tone. However, I’ll take on any communication problem I feel I can improve.

The time we spend together varies depending on the brief. It can range from two x 90 minute sessions to six meetings over a year.

Confidentiality is at the heart of this service. Clients take the transformation credit for themselves.

Let's Talk!

All training courses can be tailored to suit your needs. To chat through in more detail or find out any further information, give me a call on +44 (0)7973 933782 or if you prefer I can call you.

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