About Emma Taylor

I’ve been working as a trainer since 2003. It’s a role I happily fell into! Prior to this I worked as an actor and today I also script-write and lecture in the subject.

Having a deep-rooted knowledge of these professions allows me to share refreshing industry tips with clients; I give them effective pointers they wouldn’t otherwise be told.

My goal is to produce accomplished communicators who embrace their own style. It’s important to me that clients realise their strengths and hone them; thereby becoming a polished version of themselves, not a weak imitation of someone they admire.

Pragmatism is central to my training. If your staff needs to inspire, then we might look to Cicero and work on vocal range. But if your team needs to present succinctly at the monthly finance meeting, then we’ll focus on key message, good arrangement and plain English.

Five stars
“I have worked with Emma for many years. She is flexible, reliable and my members have always warmed to her enormously. Her training is very delegate-focused. She always meets their needs while also giving them what she feels they need. She has delivered both group courses and 1-2-1 coaching for me. During group courses, Emma gives every delegate attention so they leave the training room feeling they’ve had an individual, customised experience. She is a superb trainer.”

Chris Farquhar, Member Development Manager, Bradford Council, Yorkshire

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