Making Your Mark in Meetings

Speaking up and Making Impactful Constributions


Making Your Mark in Meetings is a half day workshop that equips participants with the skills to be an influential presence and, thereby, make a positive impact during meetings. 

It introduces delegates to preparation and delivery techniques that will make them more visible, articulate and effective in meetings. 

Whether making a contribution virtually or answering questions face-to-face, the session imparts tips that will help delegates become clear, concise and focused contributors. 


By the end of Making Your Mark in Meetings, delegates will know how to:

  • Structure a contribution and update
  • Pose a succinct question that will deliver the necessary answers
  • Project information - look around the table, use the face and voice to emphasise key points
  • Avoid projecting a negative demeanour or behaving in a manner that could distract or undermine the meeting
  • Present themselves in the best light - literally for virtuals
  • Listen actively
  • Manage nerves

Workshop Details

Workshop length:
Three hours - face to face
Two hours - virtual
Maximum delegates:
Eight people
Workshop fee:
£550 - face to face. Travel expenses are additional.
£425 - virtual
Five stars
“Emma delivered 'Making Your Mark in Meetings' virtually for the council. Attendees thought the workshop was excellent; describing it as highly useful and enjoyable. Not that this came as a surprise. Emma has been successfully delivering workshops for me for over a decade!”

Duncan Jowitt, Wyre Council

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