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I’m Emma, Public Speaking Coach

I deliver training courses and coach individuals in public speaking and presentation skills. Drawing from professional experience in scriptwriting and acting, I teach clients how to structure, write and present impactful messages that flow. Attendees of my public speaking courses, webinars and one-to-one coaching receive transformative tips, ensuring they're remembered for all the right reasons. Manchester-based, serving clients in the UK and globally.

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Speaking off the Cuff (the webinar) will take place on Saturday, 4 December at 10-11.30am via Zoom. 

The event is a must for anyone who gets tongue-tied or freezes when asked to make an impromptu speech.

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Five stars
“Emma delivers a practical, highly engaging workshop to help lecturers improve their vocal delivery. She excels at encouraging participation from mixed experience groups to ensure all are able to improve their performance.”

Jonthan Gledhill, Learning & Development Advisor, University of Manchester

Presenting Through Zoom

Presenting during online meetings.

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Why Clients Work with Me

Because I give clear and effective feedback that's informed by my training as an actor and my work as a speech and scriptwriter. Very few other public speaking coaches can offer similar. And because for 15 years I've been successfully aligning my training with organisations' goals.

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First Words: Public Speaking for Beginners

A workshop that ensures findings, advice and ideas are presented confidently and persuasively. The perfect introductory workshop.

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She Speaks?!

Teaching women how to ensure their voices are always heard in meetings.

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Take the Chair

A half-day course that teaches delegates how to lead focused meetings that deliver results.

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Five stars
“The most interesting course I've attended in my whole political career!”

Cllr Tommy Quirk, North West Employers' Organisation, Manchester

Let's Talk!

All training courses can be tailored to suit your needs. To chat through in more detail or find out any further information, give me a call on +44 (0)7973 933782 or if you prefer I can call you.

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