Business Storytelling

Make Your Message Stick with Stories


In a world of information overload, telling people facts and figures rarely punches through; they might retain the information for five minutes, but is that good enough? People remember information that they've engaged emotionally with, and what better way is there to hook people than by telling them a good story?

Business Storytelling is a practical workshop that teaches participants how to connect, persuade and inspire with story. Attendees learn how to craft a message that will move, resonate and be remembered for months - and even years - after delivery. The workshop is a must for anyone in a leadership role and / or working in sales or marketing. 




By the end of Business Storytelling delegates will know how to:

  • Differentiate between a good story and a story that can be used in a business capacity
  • Use their best personal stories in a business environment
  • Select the most appropriate story for the audience / reader
  • Craft a satisfying story
  • Employ storytelling devices to increase impact
  • Use pace a vocal pitch to shade the story's key moments and message
  • Fill a pause


Workshop Details

Workshop duration: 3 hours

Max delegates: 8

Cost: £600.00

Travel expenses are additional


Five stars
“Without exception, the councillors who have attended Emma’s speech making courses have found them incredibly useful and hugely enjoyable. When I see councillors speak in the chamber, it’s very obvious who’s received Emma’s training and who hasn't.”

Amanda Venning, Member Development Officer, Calderdale MBC, Yorkshire

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