She Speaks?!

Teaching Women How to Ensure Their Voices are Always Heard in Meetings


She Speaks?! is a women-only workshop that teaches participants how to prepare for meetings and ensure their voices are heard during them. 

Whether making a contribution in a meeting or giving an update, the session will help women improve their public speaking skills and practice them in a safe and nurturing environment. It will also explore how to deal with sexist or rude behaviour that might occur or be directed at them during a meeting.   

The workshop is a must for women starting their careers and / or hoping to move into managerial roles. 


By the end of She Speaks?! participants will know how to:

- Mentally structure their contribution so it’s clear and focused

- Engage comfortably in pre-meet small talk

- Look like they expect to be heard – body language

- Project their voices and breathe correctly

- Stress key words for effect

- Manage interruptions

- Handle awkward questions

- Challenge rude and / or inattentive behaviour 

Course Details

Course length:
Three hours
Maximum delegates:
Ten people
Course fee:
£600. Travel expenses are additional.
Five stars
“Entertaining, hugely relevant, confidence boosting and inspiring. The training that Emma provides has motivated and equipped academics to boost and rethink their lecturing technique.”

Jane McNeill, The University of Manchester

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