She Speaks?!

Teaching Women How to Ensure Their Voices are Always Heard in Meetings


She Speaks?! is a women-only workshop that teaches participants how to prepare for meetings and ensure their voices are heard during them. 

Whether making a contribution in a meeting or giving an update, the session will help women improve their public speaking skills and practice them in a safe and nurturing environment. It will also explore how to deal with sexist or rude behaviour that might occur or be directed at them during a meeting.   

The workshop is a must for women starting their careers and / or hoping to move into managerial roles. 


By the end of She Speaks?! participants will know how to:

- Speak up assertively when they want to contribute

- Mentally structure their contribution so it’s clear and focused

- Engage comfortably in pre-meet small talk

- Look like they expect to be heard – body language

- Project their voices and breathe correctly

- Stress key words for effect

- Manage interruptions

- Handle awkward questions

- Challenge rude and / or inattentive behaviour 

Course Details

Course length: Three hours
Maximum delegates: Eight people
Course fee: £600. Travel expenses are additional.
Five stars
“Emma has a really original approach to delivering effective programmes of personal development. Her grounded, practical slant pays immediate dividends. I have commissioned her to lead programmes to help middle managers develop their personal presentation styles, both written and oral. The programmes have been fun and effective; and the messages stick!”

Margaret Pratt, OKRA Associates Ltd, London

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