Presenting An Argument

Delivering Honed Arguments to Bring About Change


Presenting an Argument equips participants with the skills and confidence to put across clear, compelling messages. Whether giving a virtual sales pitch or talking through an issue face to face, good persuasion and presentation skills are essential.

The workshop imparts a robust preparation formula, together with easy and effective delivery techniques so participants will feel capable in any persuasive speaking task they have to perform. 


By the end of Presenting an Argument, participants will know how to:

•    Structure a persuasive case
•    Prioritise arguments
•    Hone arguments so they’re clear and distinctive 
•    Use pace, pause and pitch to give a measured performance
•    Complement the message with appropriate gestures
•    Manage adrenaline
•    Deal with rude, under-mining or distracting behaviour

Workshop Details

Workshop length:
Three hours
Maximum delegates:
Eight people
Workshop fee:
£575 - face to face. Travel expenses are additional.
£475 - virtual
Five stars
“Emma has always been our go-to trainer for delivering top quality training to our elected members. The feedback that we get from our members from Emma’s training sessions has always been very positive . A real professional who is always coming up with new and fresh training topics and is willing to adapt to the changing needs of the local authority and our training needs. It’s always a pleasure to work with Emma.”

Sarabjit Kundan, Leeds City Council

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