Tell it to the Judge

Enabling solicitors to make a strong presentation in court, even when their case is weak


Tell it to the Judge is a training programme that equips solicitors who speak in court with the public speaking skills required to be an accomplished advocate.

The training can be delivered as a workshop for a team or with an individual on a one-to-one basis. It can be delivered face to face or vitually. It's also available for individuals via eventbrite.  

The programme not only teaches solicitors how to arrange and develop a persuasive speech, it also imparts classical acting techniques and voice coaching, thereby boosting courtroom presence along with confidence. The training is highly practical and good fun. It's a must for diligent lawyers who don't relish the limelight. 



By the end of Tell it to the Judge, delegates will know how to:

  • Arrange a persuasive speech that flows
  • Edit material to avoid pointless repetition / waffle
  • Introduce an analogy to reinforce an argument
  • Sight-read, so they are always able to make quality eye-contact with the judge
  • Memorise their arguments so they can speak without notes
  • Use pace effectively
  • Project their voices and enunciate clearly
  • Use pitch and other stressing techniques to enhance their arguments
Will you persuade the Judge or not?
Will you persuade the Judge or not?

Course Details

Workshop length:
4 hours

Workshop fee:
£675 + travel expenses

Maximum delegates:
Six people

One to one coaching:
2 x 90 minute sessions are recommended

Five stars
“Our members all commented on how insightful and enjoyable they found Emma's 'Tell it to the Judge' workshop. It equipped them with practical and effective tips that they can immediately put into practice. Participants said they would highly recommend the event to other lawyers and, therefore, I would too”

Rachel Windle, Leeds Law Society

Let's Talk!

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