Presenting Through Zoom

Presenting with Impact During Online Meetings


Presenting Through Zoom is an on-line workshop that equips participants with a preparation roadmap so they can ensure they are highly organised when giving a presentation during a video conference. It imparts valuable tips which enable participants to manage their environment for best impact while also teaching delivery techniques to ensure they’re a good watch and a great listen even when they can’t see the audience they’re presenting to.  

The workshop is highly participative. It’s a must for people who have to present by Zoom and don’t feel entirely comfortable doing it and / or suspect they’re not making much impact.


By the end of Presenting Through Zoom participants will know how to:

  • Introduce their message in a strong, compelling way
  • Select the best arrangement strategy given the objective of the presentation
  • Use PowerPoint without reading slides verbatim
  • Apply humour and metaphor to make content enjoyable
  • Look and sound animated when speaking to their screen
  • Be as ‘easy on the eye’ and as visible as possible
  • Manage their environment to avoid interruptions and viewer distractions
  • Invite the audience in without losing their flow

Course Details

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Max delegates: 6

Cost: £399.00

Five stars
“The training was not only excellently received but highly effective. Since it took place, Trustees and visitors have commented on the way that our scientists are making an outstanding impression.”

Leonor Stjepic, RAFT, CEO, London

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