Boost Your Confidence

Supporting nervous speakers while arming them with the tools to become great presenters


Boost Your Confidence is a course of four x one-hour 1-2-1 sessions. 

It's designed for people who know they could be better presenters, but can't always pin-point what's not working for them. 

The course is highly nurturing so, in a safe and supportive environment, paricipants try out new preparation and delivery formulas which they will untimately unleash on an audience with confidence, impact and excitement!


During the four sessions partipants learn how to:

  • Analyse an audience
  • Structure a persuasive and informative speech
  • Craft a compelling introduction
  • Use story for maximum impact
  • Prepare for questions
  • Project and connect with an audience
  • Use their voices and faces to enhance key messages
  • Use props such as slides, flash cards and memory exercises to give the best delivery possible
  • Handle difficult questions
  • Handle difficult audience members
  • Manage adrenalin

In the final session, partipants perform a speech they've worked on during the course. They receive detailed feedback on it. 

Course Details

Course length:
Four x one-hour sessions. Ideally, each session should be two weeks apart.
Course location:
Virtually via Zoom or face to face. 
Course fee:
£250 for self-funding clients over Zoom
£460 for clients whose organisation is funding the coaching over Zoom. 
Face to face coaching may include additional venue rental and travel fees. 
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Five stars
“Before I signed up for Emma's Confidence Course, I thought people who were good at public speaking had a god-given talent but, after learning a huge variety of brilliant tips, I now realise that anyone can be good. Now, I'm happy to present because I want to use the skills Emma taught me. I never thought I'd feel this way.!”

Susanna Bergmann, Zurich

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